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Chinatelecom has jointly completed the compatibility certification with a number of medical information service providers

recently, six medical software service providers including Donghua medical service, cardiology international, yilianzhong ruitu, ZhongPuDa, aiyide, yun'an hang and Chinatelecom Tianyi cloud have completed the product compatibility test certification respectively. The tested products include cloud his, cloud film, cloud ECG, cloud image, cloud pathology, cloud consultation, cloud ultrasound, cloud EMR, cloud lis, the continued rise in prices in some regions, cloud NIS, medical data security cloud storage, etc. all products (platforms) can realize stable and reliable bearing and delivery on Tianyi cloud. The successful adaptation of this product has laid a solid foundation for subsequent cooperation and also provided a shortcut for the informatization of the medical industry to the cloud

all medical information enterprise products (platforms) have completed comprehensive adaptation tests on Tianyi cloud in terms of basic functions, performance, reliability, security capabilities and other dimensions. Based on the elastic cloud host, virtual private cloud, load balancing, cloud expressway, IPSec VPN and other cloud products provided by Chinatelecom Tianyi cloud, the on cloud his/lis/emr/pacs and other systems in the two places and three centers are built. Through the deployment of server security guards, web application firewalls, anti DDoS and other security products to ensure the security of business systems, safe and reliable SaaS solutions can be provided for medical institutions

medical informatization is gradually transforming to the cloud mode

in recent years, under the guidance of the national Internet + medical development strategy and the promotion of relevant policies, the Medical Association, medical community and regional specialist alliance have flourished; At the same time, the construction of regional health informatization is also driven by policies such as family doctor contract signing and two-way referral, which urgently needs informatization empowerment; In addition, the State encourages social hospitals, and the demand for informatization construction of relevant private medical institutions is increasing day by day, but they also face the bottleneck of informatization construction, such as limited capital budget and lack of professional operation and maintenance teams. Therefore, the demand for medical cloud is increasing day by day. In this context, medical institutions at all levels and medical information manufacturers are gradually transforming to the cloud model

as a major medical information technology enterprise in the industry, Donghua medical has identified the road to cloud from its own development strategy. For the Medical Association, medical community and small and medium-sized medical association institutions, Donghua medicine aims to cloud the whole line of products, help these medical institutions make full use of new technologies such as cloud computing, interconnection, AI and 5g, improve the IT capacity of medical institutions, integrate into the industrial ecosystem, and provide continuous health services for patients by realizing medical business collaboration and data collaboration

as a national high-tech and dual software certification enterprise, cardiology international has also used the cloud application platform to realize the application of new medical scenarios this year, helping the interconnection of medical information. Through the three-dimensional integrated business model of cloud technology + cloud service + cloud specialty, we provide multi-dimensional medical cloud application services covering diagnosis and treatment, teaching, scientific research, management, etc., so that high-quality medical resources can sink to the grass-roots level accurately and efficiently, and improve the efficiency of medical services

as a subsidiary of yilianzhong Information Technology Co., Ltd., yilianzhong ruitu focuses on the research and development and innovation of medical imaging related products, and continues to innovate in image service products based on cloud services. ZhongPuDa and aiyide, whose core business is mobile nursing, have also gradually begun to provide hospitals with an overall cloud based informatization construction scheme, realizing the leap of clinical informatization from stand-alone application to cloud application. Yunanhong technology focuses on the field of data security in the cloud computing era, creating completely independent and controllable data security related products, and is committed to solving the problems of cloud data security, privacy protection and data control of users in the medical industry

Chinatelecom and its partners jointly build a medical cloud ecosystem

as a national team in the field of information technology, Chinatelecom has been actively participating in the construction of information technology in the medical field, giving full play to its advantages of cloud integration, and providing intelligent, professional, safe and stable overall solutions for customers in the medical industry. In July, 2018, Chinatelecom released the Chinatelecom medical cloud zone to provide more professional and secure cloud computing services for customers in the medical industry. The zone is characterized by cloud integration, security, credibility and exclusive customization. Relying on the advantages of Tianyi cloud resource base covering the whole country, the industry created can meet the exclusive cloud resource pool of various standard experiments in the national regulations on metal tensile experiments

Chinatelecom Tianyi cloud strain extensometer is a resource pool composed of elastic elements and strain gauges pasted on it, covering the whole country, with 2 cloud bases + 31 core nodes + X edge nodes. The country has more than 500 cloud data centers, 24 five-star data centers and 77 four-star data centers, and the number of cloud resources is far ahead. Relying on Chinatelecom DCI network, Tianyi cloud realizes high-speed, stable, safe and flexible private communication between resource pools. The 5S security system is constructed from five aspects: system, service, standard, confidentiality and durability. At the standard level, Tianyi cloud has obtained the level 4 and level 3 certification of information system security level protection, and has passed the CSA star certification of cloud security system, ISO27001 certification, cloud service certification compatible with various special disinfection methods, and gold medal operation and maintenance special evaluation certification. In April this year, Chinatelecom's three solutions of medical hybrid cloud, private cloud and image cloud passed the trusted selection evaluation of medical cloud computing by China Academy of information and communications at one time, and it is the only operator in China that has obtained three trusted selection certifications at the same time

Chinatelecom hopes not only to devote itself to the strategy of building a strong country in health and medical informatization, but also to make the industrial ecosystem more prosperous through its own efforts. Chinatelecom's cloud integration capability will be fully open to the industrial ecology and partners, and work with partners to jointly serve medical informatization. In the ecological cooperation, Chinatelecom will provide a number of support to partners based on the medical cloud zone, including providing free cloud resources for product deployment and experience, optimizing the working mechanism and process of cooperation products and Tianyi cloud adaptation, exploring flexible business cooperation modes, jointly holding market promotion activities and sharing customer resources, so as to jointly create a medical cloud ecosystem

in the future, Chinatelecom will continue to introduce more products and services from excellent interior manufacturers into the medical cloud zone, forming an ecological convergence circle to provide more convenient and efficient one-stop cloud + application integrated information services for customers in the medical industry

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