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China Academy of heavy machinery builds national brands to break foreign monopolies

China Academy of heavy machinery builds national brands to break foreign monopolies

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Guide: China Academy of Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. innovation engineering and metal nearly 100% of the market forging and pressing major equipment technology research and development platform construction won the enterprise science and technology innovation award first established by the state in 2008, This marks another breakthrough in the independent innovation ability of the Institute. In recent years, the hospital has 29 achievements listed in Chinese enterprises

China Heavy Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd. won the "enterprise science and Technology Innovation Award" for the first time in 2008, which marked that the independent innovation ability of the Institute has made a breakthrough. In recent years, 29 achievements of the Institute have been listed in the new records of Chinese enterprises. The first set of advanced technology and equipment in China is constantly emerging. More than 30 new technologies and new products are developed every year, and the promotion and application rate of scientific and technological achievements reaches 100%. The market share of its main products has increased year by year. Many projects are obtained in the same bidding with international famous enterprises, providing nearly 100 sets of major technical equipment, and producing products of hundreds of billions of yuan every year, It has formed its own brand with distinctive characteristics

after the 100MN double acting aluminum extruder developed by the institute won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress in 2004, China's high-speed trains, high-voltage power transmission and transformation, military industry and other industries have widely used this equipment to produce domestic materials, and got rid of the situation of relying on foreign equipment. Since then, aiming at the development trend of foreign technology and cutting-edge technology, breaking the pattern of foreign monopoly of heavy machinery and equipment, and equipping China with domestic equipment has become the direction target of the unified 1 scheduling, verification, calibration and technical service institute

in building China's national brand, the Institute dares to compete with experts. From 2000 to 2005, Chinese steel enterprises introduced foreign slab continuous casting equipment, and the introduction of technology and equipment costs was about more than 7 billion yuan. About 120 large slab casters in China need to be transformed, and 40 slab casters need to be added and upgraded in recent years. If all of them are introduced, it will cost 4billion yuan. Four core enterprises controlled by people's yean aluminum will also be established and operated in Jiangnan industrial concentration area one after another. It is possible to think about such a situation. To this end, the Chinese Academy of heavy industry calls on the state to support Chinese scientific and technological personnel to develop continuous casting equipment that reaches the international advanced level and has independent property rights as soon as possible. Soon, continuous casting, as an important research project of China Heavy Industry Research Institute, was listed as the development focus. Scientific and technological personnel have devoted themselves to research, and they have finally won the 9 aspects, 20 key technologies and more than 80 important technical points that have long plagued the bottleneck of China's continuous casting technology development. The large-scale medium and thin slab caster test platform jointly developed with Baosteel is 300 developed and manufactured by Wugang × 2500mm2 wide and thick plate continuous casting technology and equipment, its technology has reached the international advanced level, and China Heavy Industry Research Institute has a voice in the international counterparts. Due to the excellent performance of independent innovation, Shaanxi Province has set up the "Shaanxi large slab continuous casting complete set of technical equipment industrialization base" in the Institute, which is included in the "13115" scientific and technological innovation project of Shaanxi Province. In 2008, the "key (Engineering) Laboratory of continuous casting technology and equipment in China machinery industry" was established in the Research Institute, which was demonstrated by experts organized by China Machinery Industry Federation. Continuous casting technology and equipment has become one of the strong majors of the Institute

The success of Baosteel and Wugang projects has generated huge repercussions at home and abroad, which has greatly promoted the localization of China's continuous casting technology and equipment, but the research institute has not stopped its pace of innovation. In the 21st century, in order to improve China's strength in large-scale extrusion and free forging equipment and forging technology, China Academy of heavy industry has organized research and developed China's first-class large-scale hydraulic extrusion and hydraulic forging equipment. The 165MN large-scale free forging hydraulic press with the world's largest tonnage, leading technology and completely independent intellectual property rights has been jointly developed with Shanghai heavy industry group. The operation of this equipment enables China's free forgings to reach a maximum production capacity of 600 tons per piece, which is of great strategic significance and far-reaching social significance for the localization of the nuclear power industry

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