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The Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences assisted in the digital construction of underground cables

Beijing East 1000kV substation and 220kV Jimo all underground substation have achieved three-dimensional digital construction and handover; Weifang Linyi Zaozhuang Heze Shijiazhuang 1000 kV AC UHV transmission and transformation project line and Beijing West Shijiazhuang 1000 kV AC UHV transmission and transformation project line have basically completed the three-dimensional design of the whole line as three-dimensional digital pilot projects of overhead transmission lines; Beijing Fengyi 110kV power transmission and transformation project Shanghai Qingpu new road (Songze) - hemin 110kV line project and other underground cable lines are using three-dimensional digital technology to carry out engineering trials...

the Ministry of infrastructure [2018] No. 585 document of the State Council stipulates: "By the end of 2020, all new, reconstructed and expanded 35kV and above power transmission and transformation projects of the company have the conditions for digital handover, which is generally practical, but can characterize the impact toughness of the material under the conditions specified in the experimental method or the comparison of the impact performance of different materials under the same impact experimental conditions, and now three-dimensional design, three-dimensional review and three-dimensional handover", all of which mark that the power transmission and transformation projects have entered the three-dimensional digital era

science and technology learned that in August this year, the digital design system of power cable engineering developed by China electric power academy has been preliminarily completed. The system has changed the traditional means of underground cable line design, realized the transformation and upgrading of the mode from two-dimensional drawing to three-dimensional digital design, and significantly improved the design, operation inspection and management level of underground power lines

underground cable transmission lines have become a trend to replace overhead transmission lines

what is 3D digitization

it is understood that digitalization is to transform complex information in real life into measurable figures and data, and then establish an appropriate digital model based on these figures and data. Digitalization has the following characteristics:

visualization, including the visualization of processes and results. In the form of "what you see is what you get", the real entities are displayed in a three-dimensional model in the computer, and the visualization of communication, discussion and decision-making in the whole life cycle process of engineering planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance, management, etc. is an interactive and feedback visualization

coordination, use the information integrity of the three-dimensional digital model to solve the collision inspection problem between pipelines, buildings and other objects, and meet the requirements of collaborative office and data sharing between various disciplines and departments

simulation, according to the three-dimensional model and data information, carry out multi-dimensional and whole process simulation analysis, such as energy-saving simulation, construction simulation, cost simulation, maintenance training, etc

with the continuous acceleration of China's economic development and urbanization, the contradiction between power facilities and urban development is intensifying. The tension of transmission corridors makes the application of underground power cables in urban power system more and more widely. It has become a trend for underground cable transmission lines to replace overhead transmission lines

according to statistics, in some modern cities in the world, such as Berlin, Tokyo, Osaka, Copenhagen, etc., the proportion of underground power transmission has exceeded 70%. Since the 12th Five Year Plan, China has accelerated the construction of overhead lines into the ground, underground cable projects and underground integrated pipe gallery. By 2017, the total length of the underground cable tunnel in Beijing, the capital, is about 800 kilometers. It is expected that by the end of the 13th five year plan, the underground cable utilization rate in Beijing's core area will increase to 94%, and the power supply reliability rate will increase to 99.999%

the guiding opinions of the general office of the State Council on strengthening the construction and management of urban underground pipelines issued by the State Council in 2014 and the "13th five year plan" for the development and utilization of urban underground space when the stress state of fixture body deteriorates and skidding occurs, issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development in 2016, all require the deployment and strengthening of the construction and management of urban underground pipelines to ensure the safe operation of the city. Xiong'an new area is planned as a national new area, Underground pipe gallery mode will be adopted for underground pipe construction, and water, electricity, urban transportation, etc. will be deployed to underground space

underground cable transmission can not only improve the urban environment, make the city cleaner and more beautiful, save the precious ground space of the city, but also effectively prevent bad weather and traffic accidents, and ensure the power safety of residents and cities

digitalization promotes the innovation and transformation of underground cable construction methods

industry experts said that because the underground cable line is built below the ground, there are invisible, difficult construction, inconvenient maintenance and other problems; The traditional design and maintenance methods mainly rely on frequent field surveys, two-dimensional drawing, etc. according to the collected information and data, the operation scenarios of underground cable lines are conceived and constructed in the minds of the staff. With the development of science and technology, the above problems can be solved by using digital technology

digitalization installs the "eye of heaven" for underground power lines. Digital technology builds the above ground and underground environment for the underground power line corridor, and the above ground buildings and underground pipelines can be clearly presented in three-dimensional form; Not only that, the buried depth of power lines, the spacing between pipelines, and the bearing capacity of power channels can be quickly calculated through three-dimensional scenes; You can also conduct 3D line patrol through roaming simulation

realize the whole process of collaborative office. Relying on the power three-dimensional environment built by digital technology, the staff in the whole life cycle process of planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance, management and so on can enrich the work information of their respective majors on the basis of this three-dimensional model, and the processes of capital raising, review, countersignature and so on can be completed quickly. When carrying out field work, the mobile terminal can realize synchronous communication of information by comparing the working status of construction, line survey, transportation inspection and maintenance in real time

digital guidance for accurate construction. Taking the digitalized power 3D simulation as the actual project, the power construction can be simulated by adding the time dimension, and the construction progress of the 3D model can be checked by setting different times; In particular, the cost dimension is added to thin-walled plastic parts and small gate plastic parts to simulate the project cost under different construction schedules or different bid sections; According to the actual needs, add different dimensions to simulate the whole process and guide the accurate construction. For the maintenance of faulty lines, maintenance rehearsals and training are carried out in three-dimensional scenes to reduce the safety of construction operations and achieve safe construction

the digital design system of power cable engineering of China electric power academy has been preliminarily completed

in August this year, the digital design system of power cable engineering developed by China electric power academy has been preliminarily completed

according to the relevant person in charge of the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences, the system is applicable to the 35kv-500kv voltage level, covering the four design stages of feasibility study, preliminary design, construction drawings and as built drawings. Using two-dimensional CAD, three-dimensional GIS and three-dimensional BIM Technology, it realizes the three-dimensional visual design of underground cable projects such as pipe laying, tunnels, cable trenches and bridges

the system realizes the comprehensive visualization of the environment of above ground buildings and underground pipelines; The three-dimensional general design library of underground cables, as well as parametric modeling tools such as pipe arrangement, tunnel, cable trench and bridge are provided; It realizes the three-dimensional simulation laying of channels, cables, accessories and fittings. The design results formed by the system provide an interface for the data fusion of construction, transportation inspection, management and other full-life weeks in the industry to expand the publicity period, and meet the construction requirements of the national company's engineering big data center

at present, the system has been tested in many design institutes, which shows that there is finally a set of intelligent design tools covering the whole process in the field of cable engineering, which greatly improves the quality and efficiency of underground power line design, and the formed engineering digital results realize the true restoration of the current situation of engineering construction, guide and help the operation inspection of lines and project management, which has important practical value and practical significance

the capital construction Department of state owned company [2018] No. 585 pointed out, "in the process of application, the capital construction department will organize the experience summary of design bidding, design review, construction drawings and other links, solidly promote the standardized application of 3D design in construction management, construction organization, file transfer and other links, and establish an information transmission and data sharing mode based on 3D design application to meet the management requirements of all stages of engineering construction."

at this stage, digitalization has been applied in various fields of underground cable construction to varying degrees, but to extend to the whole process of underground cable line construction and the business needs of all participants in the construction, we still need to continue to carry out in-depth research on Digitalization application; On the basis of the digital design system of power cable engineering that has been built, the Chinese Academy of electrical sciences has explored the application research covering the whole life cycle of underground cable construction, and provided technical support for the construction of the big data center of power transmission and transformation projects by Chinese companies

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