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The Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences signed a science and technology cooperation agreement with Stora Enso of Finland

the Chinese Academy of forestry and Stora Enso of Finland, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, recently signed a science and technology cooperation agreement in Beijing. According to the agreement, the two sides will conduct joint research in the fields of seedling breeding, nursery management, tree breeding and environmental impact assessment of industrial plantations

this is another important measure of cooperation between scientific research institutions and enterprises of the two countries after Finnish President Halonen visited China in 2002 and was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Chinese Academy of forestry

the cooperation content of this agreement is mainly to check whether the power supply is normal: evaluate the forestry resources in Northeast China to help revitalize the local old industrial pulp and paper base; The resources of coniferous species in southern China were analyzed to deepen the understanding of the development of coniferous artificial timber forests; Cooperate to develop Eucalyptus seedling raising technology and improved seed breeding technology; On the impact of Eucalyptus Plantations on the environment, ask # hardness tester: it is mainly used to test the hardness of steel hammer striking surface and hammer top. The two sides will also continue to cooperate on tree nutrition and soil management, plantation management, forest improvement and other aspects of research

Stora Enso is a comprehensive pulp and paper, packaging board and forest products company. Last year, the company achieved sales of nearly 15billion euros. This company has a paper company in Suzhou, China, which produces high-grade coated paper, and a forest cultivation company in Guangxi, whose main task is to develop a pulp fiber base for the purpose of building a large-scale eucalyptus forest after artificial exceeding the yield load

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