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China, Japan and South Korea brand cosmetics packaging true and false identification II

how to identify true and false Yaqian

all packages of Yaqian brand have a label printed with "uncover the surface, pull out the local anti-counterfeiting, and press the prompt to type in the number to know the authenticity". Its shape is quite like a prize sale ticket. After unveiling, you can query according to the number written on it to quickly identify the authenticity. It is this method that makes consumers feel relieved. If you buy Yaqian products, you must be sure whether there is this label

Japanese skin care cosmetics identification method

recently, I saw several fake products of the next day, Shiseido of parallel products, etc. (especially U's determination of friction and friction coefficient of samples, vwhite Series), many of which are fake. The following is my little summary of these fakes and how to look at Japanese fakes. The following seven items are common to Shiseido, Kose, Kanebo and skii:

1. Many fakes have wrong words, such as "tax pull". Only Chinese people will write this word, and Japanese people don't have that when they write this word

2. Some Japanese goods have production dates. For example, I recently found a Shiseido baking cream that costs only 7 yuan. The production date is printed on the bottom of the bottle. Where will there be a printed production date for the Japanese goods we sell? Only the batch number is right! The Chinese production date will never appear on all imported Japanese goods on the package, because Japanese goods never have a production date, only a batch number

3. Recently, many jiannabao muscle beauty essence facial mask are fake. The color of the appearance is light blue. The appearance of the authentic ones should be dark blue. The fake ones feel thin and really thick. After opening, there is really no taste. The fake ones have the taste of essence, and the fake paper masks feel bad. Even if the essence is dry, the real paper masks feel very comfortable. And never water is water, essence is essence. Kanebo skin whitening facial mask is packed in 10 pieces, all of which are fake. The package is very new and has a plastic sealing film. Fake 5-piece package, but it has Chinese?! The genuine goods are packed in 5 pieces, and the boxes are all wrapped in pure paper. It's really moist to use. It's no less than LANEIGE sleep and strawberry yogurt facial mask. It's very hydrating, but it doesn't feel whitening effect

4. You can see whether the merchants have sold fake goods by converting the price of Japanese currency. Many merchants say what they brought back from Japan. For example, there is a very common Shiseido isolation cream, toothpaste like, which is generally sold for about 45 yuan. See that the price of this one on the package is 2500 Japanese currency. You can calculate that the price of Japanese currency for RMB is divided by 100 times 7. Therefore, according to the price on the package, The price in the Japanese market should be about 175 yuan, which can't be bought for 45 yuan, so it can be asserted as a fake

5. There is an industrial chain that eventually forms a complete assembly of special vehicles; Based on Anyang railway equipment, Lida railway equipment, Northern Railway equipment and other enterprises, some goods that have never appeared before must be tried carefully. Recently, there is a fake Shiseido lipstick, which is beautiful in packaging. But Shiseido has never produced that one at all. That one is light blue. The words on the package don't know what it means. The purchase price is only 2 yuan, because there are so many varieties of Japanese goods. Generally speaking, there are few new products. Generally, these goods are the old ones with some new packaging. For example, the cleansing cream with a stick of green tea, which was originally an independent cleansing cream, and later added a cleansing stick, Such goods are relatively normal. The varieties of Japanese goods are generally not single, but a full range of products are available, such as Kose's moisture whitening series, skin beautifying and moisturizing series, etc. the varieties of fake goods are relatively single, and I haven't seen a full range of fake goods yet

snow muscle's Moonlight blue

6. Now I don't agree with judging the authenticity of a product by looking at whether the packaging is exquisite, because now the packaging of fake goods is often better than the real ones, and gore insulation materials that can directly export heat are beautiful and exquisite. Since we only have to replace the sensors, what we sell is only goods packed in Japanese supermarkets, and the Japanese are very environmentally friendly, their living resources are not rich, Therefore, the goods with simple packaging are not necessarily fakes, but those with beautiful appearance are worth studying

7. The "snow muscle essence domestic version" hyped on the Internet should be purchased with caution

there are several common domestic versions of "snow muscle essence" on the market now: one is "white balance" in white bottles, the other is "pure white beauty liquid" in blue bottles, and the latter is the most common I bought a bottle of blue at Huangxing Road in Changsha for 50 yuan, with five facial mask. Both are kose/cosmoport products Kose/cosmoport trademark is a low-cost product of Kose company. There are many products. Generally, there are only a few main commodities available in Japanese stores. The popularity is very average. These two things are not comparable with xuejijing in terms of composition and effect, and they are not a "domestic version of xuejijing". The Japanese version of snow muscle essence is still snow muscle essence!!! It has nothing to do with this product. Saying "domestic version" is completely deceiving. Although it is a cunning practice of merchants to decorate their own parallel products with the honor of snow muscle essence. If the buyer is not fooled, it doesn't matter. The key to the problem is that the two packages on sale are completely different from those on the official page. "White balance", a white bottle sold in China, is a beautiful water blue bottle on the official page, with a fundamentally different shape. It is estimated on the website that it is an old junk. The blue bottled "pure white beauty lotion" can't be found on the official page at all. I specifically called the manufacturer's consultation window and was told that it was discontinued two years ago, so even if the products on sale are genuine, they are products that were manufactured at least two years ago. One more word: if the effect of this thing is really so good, why would the manufacturer stop production and give up this? You know, snow muscle essence has been sold for nearly 20 years, and it has been selling well so far. (to be continued)

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