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Chinatelecom (National) analyzed in detail the system control object of the universal tensile testing machine digital Qinghai new big data center started laying the foundation

on April 28, the foundation laying ceremony of Chinatelecom (National) digital Qinghai new big data center was held in Haidong Hehuang new area. The big data center focuses on data, cloud, ecology, industry and other key elements of digital economic development, and comprehensively opens a new pattern of Chinatelecom 3+8+x cloud integration to help the construction of digital Qinghai and cloud Qinghai. Cong Le, member of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai provincial Party committee and Secretary General of the Qinghai provincial Party committee, and Wang Liming, member of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai provincial Party committee and vice governor of the Qinghai provincial government, attended the foundation laying ceremony

digital economy, with data as the key production factor and modern information network as the important carrier, has become an important link to strengthen the domestic cycle and international cycle, and an important way to accelerate the formation of a new development pattern and promote the realization of high-quality development. Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial government attach great importance to the development of digital economy, regard digital economy as an important economic form to build a modern economic system with Qinghai characteristics, accelerate the construction of 1119 digital economy development promotion system, and clearly point out that it is necessary to make an overall plan to promote Qinghai on the cloud, and promote the integration and development of blockchain, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technologies with the real economy

as a leading integrated intelligent information service operator in the province, Chinatelecom Qinghai has taken the initiative to undertake the important task of vigorously developing the digital economy and promoting the digital transformation of economy and society, and has early deployed the big data and cloud service capabilities typical of cloud integration. It has built two provincial big data centers and disaster recovery centers, eight city and state big data centers, and 44 district and county edge data centers, It is the first operator in the province to achieve full coverage of cloud resources. At present, it is taking the new Chinatelecom (National) digital Qinghai new big data center as the carrier to comprehensively layout the new pattern of 3+8+x cloud convergence cloud number capability

huangguojun, executive deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and executive deputy director of the Management Committee of Haidong Industrial Park, said in his speech that Chinatelecom's investment in the construction of (National) digital Qinghai new big data center in Haidong Hehuang new area is a specific action for Chinatelecom to fulfill the responsibilities of central enterprises and keep up with the pace of Digital China construction. It is hoped that Chinatelecom will continue to play the role of the main force in information construction, increase investment in new information infrastructure and the deep integration of 5g, IOT and other new technologies with data centers, help Haidong Hehuang new area to build a new highland of Qinghai's digital economy, and help Qinghai run faster than Qinghai and reach the height of Qinghai in the construction of Digital China

Wu Wei, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom cloud development department, said that investing in the construction of Chinatelecom (National) digital Qinghai new big data center in Hehuang new area, Haidong, Qinghai Province, but unable to obtain the dynamic information of the friction process, is a specific action of Chinatelecom to inherit the red gene, practice the central enterprise, and pay attention to building a network power, promote digital China, build a smart society, and comprehensively promote the construction of digital Qinghai and Qinghai on cloud. The big data center will make full use of Qinghai's unique climatic conditions and clean energy advantages, complement the capabilities of multiple nodes, and build a model data center of Chinatelecom in Qinghai, as well as a national data disaster recovery brand that is green, energy-saving, clean, low-carbon, smart and safe

Zhao Xu, deputy general manager of China general service, pointed out that as the EPC contractor of the project, Huaxin consulting and Design Institute is one of the leading enterprises of China general service. In this project, Huaxin academy draws design inspiration from the region and humanities, and endows the data center with more energy-saving technology; Build a big data integrated management cloud platform to make it more intelligent, safe and reliable; Through the self-developed BIM cloud collaboration platform and the cloud supervision technology of Qinghai company, it provides the whole process and three-dimensional information services for the project implementation. China general service will fully support Huaxin academy as the EPC general contractor to cooperate with Zhejiang construction engineering group and China General Service Qinghai company to do a good job in all aspects of project construction

Su Xiaoming, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Chinatelecom Qinghai company, introduced the background and significance of the project. He said that Chinatelecom (National) digital Qinghai's new big data center construction conscientiously practiced the idea of "no dismantling of machines, near flat ecological civilization", deeply integrated Qinghai's unique advantages such as cold climate and clean energy with domestic advanced data center construction technology and disaster recovery technology, and actively created a data center model and Qinghai data disaster recovery center brand that took the road of low-carbon circular green development. Qinghai company will give full play to the advantages of 3+8+x cloud integration and cloud number resources on the road from a large automobile country to a powerful automobile country, comprehensively improve the enterprise's own digital transformation ability, build a solid base for digital transformation of various industries, promote the deep integration of informatization and various fields of various industries, better coordinate the development and safety of Qinghai Province, promote one excellence and two highs, build five demonstration provinces, and cultivate four economic forms, And make positive contributions to comprehensively opening a new journey of modernization

Wang Linhu, Secretary of Haidong municipal Party committee, nimadoji, director of Qinghai Provincial Communications Administration, Jin Li, deputy director of Qinghai Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Yuan Lin, deputy mayor of Haidong, Wang Xinrong, general manager of Huaxin consulting and Design Institute, Chai Jiansen, general manager of Zhejiang construction engineering Group Co., Ltd., and relevant responsible comrades of relevant provincial departments and bureaus attended

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