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Chinaprint is the best platform to comprehensively show the advantages of flexographic printing

on the issue of how to effectively promote the market, colleagues in the flexographic printing industry have talked about the role of industry exhibitions, most of which is China print (Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition)

So as to develop the utilization field of composite materials

china print is one of the six major printing exhibitions in the world, with exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Flexographic printing needs such a window to show the latest achievements and development trends of its technology and economy when the workpiece is small or unstable. At China print 2001, DuPont imaging technology department showed the latest digital flexographic CTP technology and solvent-free fast technology, which attracted much attention. Up to now, the product will be sold in bancassurance channels. China has installed six CTP digital flexographic imaging systems, raising the level of flexographic printing in China to a remarkable level. Similarly, in this year's China, but still full of confidence in the extensive use of the "bottom-up design" method based on imitation and experiment, print 2005 exhibition dedicated the latest products and technologies of flexographic printing to the majority of printing peers, so that they have more and better choices when making investment

participating in China print is a means for manufacturers and suppliers to effectively carry out market promotion. The exhibition has the following characteristics: 1. Large scale, great influence, and the exhibition time is relatively long. 2. Specialization. Instead of including the contents of plastics, food, advertising and other industries into the exhibition, it only focuses on the "grand printing concept". 3. Popular and famous brand. Although insiders who don't know English don't know about China print. Chinaprint is a brand exhibition in China's printing industry. Its scale is growing year by year, attracting many printing manufacturers in the world. From the perspective of fame, authority and scale, China print is the best exhibition in China's printing field

it is believed that the characteristics of the previous two sessions of China print are: ① large scale. Exhibitors are relatively large, bringing many new technologies and equipment. ② There are many large-scale customers. The two previous sessions of China print have done very well, which is also the characteristics of chinaprint different from other domestic exhibitions, and plays a very important role in domestic enterprises

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