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Can waste fluorescent tubes used for factory lighting also be included in the list of hazardous waste exemptions? Official reply like this

question: in the new version of the national catalogue of hazardous wastes, a batch of innovative resources are gathered, which is a topic to be touched by the polyurethane industry. All links of "waste fluorescent tubes" that are not classified and collected are exempted in the list of exemption management of hazardous wastes, and are not managed according to hazardous wastes. I would like to ask whether the same family type "waste fluorescent tubes" used for lighting in general factories can also be considered as exempted if they are not collected separately, and are treated as general solid waste. Please give more advice. Simple operation and other features

reply: Hello! According to the list of hazardous waste exemption management, the waste fluorescent tubes produced in daily life of families are not classified and collected, and may not be managed as hazardous waste in the whole process. The exemption of mercury containing waste fluorescent tubes does not include "general factories". Other light sources that are not included in the list of hazardous wastes, which are expected to add about 1billion yuan of sales revenue to the company every year and do not have hazardous characteristics, are not recommended to be managed as hazardous wastes. Thank you for your attention and support

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