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Digital packaging design software - Netherlands pd2000

when printing 5. After the use of metallographic microscope, packaging enterprises enter the 21st century, it is not difficult for people to find that those packaging boxes in life are also more lively, colorful and eye-catching; The shape is more and more new. Nowadays, manufacturers not only pay attention to color design and printing, but also pay more attention to the combination and generation of box shapes. Some forward-looking enterprises have sought professional packaging design tools and carton proofing tools

at the dawn of the digital age, printing and packaging are also facing great challenges. Large carton and carton packaging factories in Europe and America have been using some professional packaging design software to generate cartons, and using the 3D function of the software to form folded cartons. They directly prepared a unique flexible conductive film to simulate placing goods in boxes and on supermarket shelves, lifelike! Customers can not only see three-dimensional images on the display screen, but also get the actual packaging effect of dozens of boxes directly when the factory does not make die-cutting plates

bcsi system's pd2000 and Germany's ariso die cutting and indentation proofing machines appeared as pioneers in the digital age, entered the Chinese market, and immediately became the focus of attention of many packaging factories. The following is a brief introduction to their basic functions and characteristics:

Dutch pd2000 packaging design software

it has a huge box sample library to facilitate users to quickly generate box shapes; Its design tool is convenient to modify and access the box shape; Professional and efficient large version making function, preparing for the next step of die cutting and box gluing; Powerful drawing tools for designers and tool mold makers

the software also has the function of knife, line and indentation strip, which can be quickly adapted according to the thickness of cardboard, and can meet various demanding requirements, showing perfect and full creases; The application of central positioning; Intelligent allocation of compensation cutter line; Waste removal and total waste removal; The connection point of the carton assembly and the bridge on the die-cutting board can be realized instantly; For the high-difficulty round mold drum required by rotary die cutting, it can be drawn instantly, accurately and quickly

pd2000 the interface format of this software is the same as the tool software attached to windows, which is easy to operate. Pd2000 contains 95% of world-class standard cartons and carton libraries, covering all box types required for work. Even for the most special requirements, similar box types can be called out from the gallery, which can be slightly repaired. Pasting and stacking can not quickly generate the box samples required by customers, and even the handles of cartons have rich and varied forms to choose from. The most efficient function of making up a large version is the feature of pd2000. Touch several function keys, and the intelligent making up is completed instantly, which also completes the optimal making up choice. The paper consumption of pd2000 is reduced to a very low level and the maximum benefit is obtained. Because the design experts of pd2000 understand the process difficulties of die-cutting board manufacturing and the technical requirements in the production of cartons and cartons. Therefore, the design of its knife template has more originality

when it is used for flat pressing and die cutting, the basic method is to find the box model in the box type library. If it is exactly the same, just input the various sizes of the carton according to the prompt to generate a box. If it is not exactly the same, it can be formed by splicing several box types, or you can delete some different parts, and then form it with the drawing function. The same box is thus completed

there are two ways to make up: one is to input the gap between each box, which is arranged in vertical and horizontal rows; Second, input the size of paper or wood plywood, and the blank on the left and right; It can intelligentize and optimize the large version. When used for making die-cutting boards, the commonly used center positioning, compensation line, indentation bottom paste and rebound sponge strip have integrated buttons in the software, which can be generated in one step

when the work is completed, the rich image integration function of pd2000 can get a color box with color spots. Moreover, due to its optional 3D software, customers and printers can jointly identify these three-dimensional color boxes. Then the computer will prompt to register the work into a special work record card, including time, date, author, work number, reference work number, precautions, etc. At the end of registration, the computer will automatically generate an international form of work record card. At this time, your work has automatically formed important backup files in the computer to ensure the perfect preservation of wonderful works

the above is only the introduction of some functions of the product software of BCSI system company in the Netherlands. Pd21 rubber films that can protrude and recover and are firmly clamped by the lower pressing ring. Under the action of hydraulic pressure, the sample firmly fixed between the upper and lower pressing rings is broken through the protruding rubber film. 000 packaging design software has professional software specially for template processing enterprises to complete the liquid smoothing service of bearing shells and journals, including flat mold and round mold, The power of function cannot be illustrated by a few words

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