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A brief understanding of digital inkjet printer filters

I. filter classification and functions:

generally, filters can be divided into reusable filters and disposable filters

the former can be cleaned repeatedly after blocking, with long service life and low maintenance cost, but the relative investment is very high; The latter usually cannot be cleaned repeatedly, and its service life ends after blocking, but its relative investment is small (widely used in the market)

the function of the filter is to use porous media to remove pollutants from the fluid (liquid or gas) to make the fluid reach the required cleanliness level

filter is often regarded as a simple or sieve, and filtration or separation is carried out on one surface. This is the way that existed in the past. Now most of the filter walls have a certain thickness, that is to say, the filter equipment has depth, which plays an auxiliary role in removing pollutants in the form of "curved channels"

2. Filtration mechanism

1. Direct interception, a basic filtration mechanism in liquid. It can be said to be a screening effect, mechanical interception of particles. In addition to intercepting some particles larger than its aperture, it can also use the bridging effect of particles in the fluid to intercept particles smaller than the filter hole (the same filter hole hit by multiple small particles at the same time)

2. Inertial impact is an auxiliary interception method whose size is smaller than the aperture of filter material. The particles are intercepted by machinery or adsorption, and the particles carried by the fluid have the inertia of linear motion due to the mass and linear velocity. When the flow instruments need maintenance, their service life will be longer. What problems should we pay attention to? When changing the direction of motion, the particles hit the surface of the filter material due to inertia, and then the particles stay on the impact surface due to the surface action of the particles or the suction generated by different charges (this filtration mechanism is more effective in gas than in liquid)

3. Diffusion interception, fluid particles collide with each other due to random movement, which changes the direction of particles, increases the chance of particles colliding with the filter medium, and increases the effectiveness of the filtration mechanism

the efficiency of the whole filtration and separation filtration is reduced and the amount of packaging waste is enhanced due to the joint action of the three

as for the filtration accuracy of filtration, because the filtration manufacturers have disputes about the micron value given by each other, so far there is hardly a good detailed description of it. For the time being, 5. Under the condition of ensuring that the oil return valve is closed, it can be understood as: the diameter of the largest rigid spherical particles that can pass through the filtration under the specified experimental conditions. It is the mark of the largest aperture in the filter equipment

III. shallow solution filter equipment

because the manufacturers have not reached a consensus on the definitions of these professional terms. We divide the filter equipment into two categories, namely, surface filter media and deep filter media

as we mentioned above, the filtration/separation of some filters (also known as folding filters) in the market is carried out on one surface, and the number of filter holes and filtration mechanism are correspondingly limited. If it's blocked, it's better. We can obviously judge that it's the problem of the filter, and then replace it in time; However, if its filter is broken down, it is dangerous. Because there is nothing abnormal in the ink supply, it is difficult to find that it has problems. In this way, the polluted ink (dust, sediment, impurities, etc.) can directly enter the secondary ink cartridge, and then enter the nozzle to block the nozzle. Now most equipment manufacturers have also noticed these problems, so now the filters are generally melt spray type (deep filter medium). Although it is also disposable, it is relatively low cost and very safe (such as the melt injection filter produced by Saiwei company). It is made of high molecular materials and sintered at high temperature. It will not change at room temperature, and has strong pollution melting ability, large filtration capacity, no deformation under high pressure, and will not fall off after long-term immersion in organic solvents. It has become the first choice for all painting equipment manufacturers and customers

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