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Uncover the key technology of digital flat pressing and hot stamping die-cutting mechanism

why research and development of digital flat pressing and hot stamping die-cutting machine

at present, there are two kinds of advanced hot stamping die-cutting equipment at home and abroad: flat pressing and hot stamping die-cutting machine and round pressing and round hot stamping die-cutting machine

the mechanical structure of the existing flat pressing and hot stamping die cutting machine determines that the hot stamping time changes with the random speed. The higher the machine speed is, the shorter the hot stamping time is. As the hot stamping effect of the flat press and hot stamping die-cutting machine is restricted by the large-area hot stamping platform, hot stamping time and machine speed, the stable hot stamping speed of the flat press and hot stamping die-cutting machine at home and abroad has been between 4000 pieces/hour and 7500 pieces/hour

foil feeding mechanism whether domestic or foreign flat pressing and ironing die cutting machines, due to structural constraints, can only feed the foil longitudinally or longitudinally and horizontally separately, and cannot feed the foil longitudinally and horizontally at the same time. Therefore, during the hot stamping process, the hot stamping foil must be cut into narrow foil rolls that meet the requirements of the hot stamping process. The low utilization rate of hot stamping foil increases the production cost of enterprises and reduces the production efficiency of enterprises

aiming at the main problems existing in the current flat pressing and hot stamping die-cutting machine, the digital flat pressing and hot stamping die-cutting machine has been successfully developed by using high and new technologies such as computer technology, digital technology, microelectronics technology and shaftless drive. After years of painstaking research, repeated experiments and countless improvements, the innovation is put on the fast charging technology of the battery. This technology is completely developed by our company's R & D center, has complete independent intellectual property rights, and has obtained a number of patents

several key technologies of digital flat pressing and ironing die cutting machine

1 The paper feeding system with the function of positioning digital paper in the x.y axis

the system does not have a traditional paper feeding table, but uses a digital paper suction nozzle to deliver paper to the paper feeding tooth row with high precision, which can recognize the edge of the paper and correct the x.y direction. It can also recognize the printed reference line and trim it in the x.y direction, with a correction accuracy of 0.03mm; The stable paper delivery speed of this NC paper delivery system is 12000 sheets per hour. It can also be applied to other printing equipment alone, that is, as a paper feeder with electronic pull gauge and electronic front gauge

2. Digital closed-loop reciprocating paper feeding system without traditional paper feeding teeth

this system is an independent component, fixed in the lifting platform. It does not have the intermittent transmission box, chain tooth row group and front and rear positioning device of the traditional machine, but uses the most advanced linear closed-loop driver at present

its advantages are: ① high accuracy of repeated positioning, 0.01 mm; ② The number of parts is small, only 1/5 of that of traditional machines; Wear resistant modified engineering plastics are also used in color matching products ③ the positioning accuracy is not affected by the gap caused by the wear of mechanical parts; ④ Regardless of the processing speed, the conveying time of each paper remains stable. Thus, the utilization rate of paper feeding time is increased by 25%. Due to the use of the paper feeding mechanism, the structure of the whole machine becomes simpler and more reasonable

3. Personalized digital hot stamping platform

it can set the contact time between the platform and the substrate and the hot stamping pressure according to the requirements of the hot stamping process, and has the adaptive function of balancing the pressure of all hot stamping images, so there is no need for the cumbersome pad of the operator. When using ordinary low-grade electric thermoprinting, when the hot stamping speed is 1000 to 10000 sheets per hour, the hot stamping time is the same, and the hot stamping quality is exactly the same

4. Digital double coordinate foil feeding system

the foil feeding system is directly installed on the upper fixed platform of the hot stamping die cutting platform. When in use, anodized foil is hung on the whole according to the hot stamping width. During hot stamping, it can move left and right in the horizontal direction, can move the foil forward and backward in the longitudinal direction, and can move in both directions at the same time. That is, any position of the hot stamping foil can be hot stamped on the print

its advantages are: ① hanging foil on the whole roll saves the time of foil cutting and hanging, reduces the times of foil changing, and improves the effective working time

② high speed and high precision foil walking, with positioning accuracy of 0.1mm

③ improve the utilization rate of consumables and save more than 30% - 50% of consumables compared with traditional machines

④ reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste anodized aluminum

to sum up, we have developed a new concept of digital flat pressing and hot stamping die-cutting machine. Using the method of system integration in the structure, the functional parts of the whole machine directly use advanced control and drive technology. Under the control of the digital motion controller, the functional parts realize the virtual linkage between the functional parts with high speed, stability, accuracy, no mechanical gap and no friction. In order to ensure that the hot stamping die-cutting function can accurately control the hot stamping pressure and hot stamping duration; Ensure the accurate positioning of the paper during high-speed paper feeding; It is the first time to realize the simultaneous foil feeding with double coordinates, which is accurate, and the utilization rate of electrochemical aluminum is more than% higher than that of traditional machines; There is no need to use electrochemical aluminum with high transfer characteristics. When using ordinary low-grade electrochemical aluminum, the stable processing speed is more than 10000 sheets per hour, which realizes the complete unification of processing speed and mechanical speed, and the hot stamping accuracy is 0.06mm

comparison between final effect and standard value

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