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The digital international standard hosted by XCMG has made a historic breakthrough

the digital international standard hosted by XCMG has made a historic breakthrough

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recently, XCMG sent a delegation to participate in the meeting of iso/tc10, the technical product document Standardization Committee of the international standards organization, held in Berlin. After careful preparation and intense discussion, fruitful results have been achieved in this kind of electromechanical control by imitating signals: the digital international standard "General requirements for digital Manual of mechanical products" proposed by XCMG has broken through many obstacles, and was approved to establish a working group and formally establish the project. The international standard number of the project is ISO 21600; Presided over the "dimensioning of metal components", participated in the "representation of splines and key teeth" and the "requirements for virtual assembly test of digital prototype of mechanical products" have successfully entered the next stage

if the world market is compared to a stadium, the standard is the technical rules of the stadium. Primary players can only tremble and rely on others' rules, while advanced players participate in or even lead the formulation of rules, and can do whatever they want without breaking the rules, so as to occupy the competitive advantage. XCMG is also experiencing the transformation from rule executor to rule maker in the process of internationalization strategy

as an important part of the internationalization strategy, XCMG's standardization work has also stepped onto the world stage. Marked by the formulation of a series of international standards, it has entered a new era of transformation and upgrading from tactical competition of product technology to strategic competition of standard technology

under the guidance of internationalization strategy, XCMG participated in the Standards conference held in din. As you step into the din headquarters building, you will feel the standard cultural atmosphere more and more rich. On the manhole cover beside the street, the executive DIN standard number is cast; Outside the main gate of DIN headquarters building, there are statues of two 19th-century German standard founders; Walking into the din headquarters building, a large poster with the standard creed hung on the long corridor: "standards and norms always ensure your safety", "standards make work more efficient" and so on. These make people feel that developed countries such as Germany are promoting their standards cause with strategic vision and craftsmanship. During the contact with foreign experts, I also felt their rigorous academic attitude

the main task of this meeting is to promote the establishment of the working group of general requirements for digital Manual of mechanical products chaired by XCMG to officially start work. XCMG, based on its in-depth participation in international standards activities, has a keen insight into the gap in the field of international standards in the field of digitalization, and began planning this standard in 2014. Before the formal proposal, I consulted a large number of international standards and chose key points to translate by myself; On the basis of a full understanding of external technology, a detailed standard draft was prepared with its own research results in the field of R & D digitalization as the core. This draft was voted on in 2016 and was preliminarily approved; However, to formally establish the project, we still need to break through two major obstacles: first, the opposition of iso/tc10 experts on the scope of the standard; The second is the opposition of the joint working group of ISO and IEC jwg16 on the attribution of standard content

as the opinions of the joint working group were not fed back until the eve of the meeting, XCMG personnel carried out day and night research and preparation on the sidelines of the meeting abroad, systematically sorted out the scope of the standard, and formulated coping strategies for the opinions one by one. At the iso/tc10 conference, XCMG personnel had a fierce confrontation with foreign experts. With regard to the testing of medical equipment, even during the break of the meeting, we also seize the opportunity to instill our understanding of digital manual technology into the dissenting experts. Finally, foreign experts have to agree with our positioning of this standard and agree to our establishment of a working group. At the meeting of the "coordination working group" of the Standardization Committee, XCMG personnel and jwg16 experts had an in-depth discussion. On the basis of listening to the opinions of the other party, patiently explained the differences between our standard and other standards, demonstrated the independence of this standard from the perspective of technical basis, work evolution, scope of the Standardization Committee, and finally successfully retained the project under the iso/tc10/sc6 Mechanical Products Committee

the new proposal of "General requirements for digital Manual of mechanical products" will greatly encourage the team members. At other meetings, the standards presided over and participated in by XCMG have also received good news: the presided over "dimensioning of metal components" has solved the technical problems in the CD stage, entered the dis stage, and has seen the dawn of successful release

standards first. Made in China 2025 defines the national intelligent manufacturing standard system, and the development of digital technology standards is the most basic and important part of made in China 2025. Recently, good news came from the international standards organization that the working group iso/tc10/sc6 wg19 "General requirements for digital Manual of mechanical products" has been officially established. This is a sign that XCMG, as a leading enterprise of construction machinery, represents the strength of China's equipment manufacturing industry on the international standard stage. At the same time, it also shows to the world that XCMG has made fruitful achievements in digital research and development. It is service-oriented and customer-centric. XCMG's products have been carefully cultivated at the level of market service. XCMG's lean research in service (digital) technology has produced an international standard representing the world's highest level in this field

it is also gratifying that XCMG has cultivated a group of international standard talents with comprehensive quality. They are familiar with international standards, formulate the rules for the lithium salt output of 26900 tons in Tianqi lithium industry, and are familiar with the international standard system; Excellent technical ability and equal communication with top international experts from Siemens, Schaeffler, etc. Through the accumulation of these projects and talents, we will be able to make greater achievements in the cause of international standardization, better support the internationalization, transformation and upgrading of the company, and spread XCMG's excellent pursuit of technical standards, product technology and product services all over the world

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