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Digital printing is undoubtedly an advanced printing technology, but the advanced technology does not replace the sensor failure. The most important and longest is the overload meter of experimental force, which can be widely used in all fields. In fact, in view of the high unit production cost of digital printing, there are not many printing materials suitable for digital printing, but hard materials and semi-hard materials are selected at a lower speed under the current situation. Next, the author briefly introduces some live parts suitable for digital printing technology to achieve a balance between cost, speed and customer satisfaction

these business types include:

1 There are many pages, but few copies are needed, such as bidding documents, design renderings, property management manuals, graduation memorials (classmates), printed matter design schemes, books and periodicals for exhibition and ordering, newsletters, reporting materials, meeting materials, training materials, employee manuals, high-end recipes, corporate image manuals, investment promotion, bidding manuals, etc

2. The number of pages is small and the number required is large, but it is not enough to meet the traditional printing requirements, such as parking permits, admission tickets, product leaflets, flags, invitations, greeting cards, invitations, etc

3. There are variable data in the printed matter, such as wedding album, personal photo album, personalized product manual, treasure identification certificate, authorization letter, personalized calendar, variable report, personalized invitation card, personalized greeting card, Portrait card, baby growth special issue, software and hardware travel notes album of travel electronic universal testing machine, personal works, etc

4. Various IC cards, personalized PVC cards, etc. Such as VIP card, membership card, dining card, bus card, etc

5. All kinds of urgent printing materials

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