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The application of digimetric three-dimensional Photogrammetry System in the three-dimensional detection of large impellers

the three-dimensional detection of large impellers is a big difficulty for impeller manufacturers. 2 Serious oil leakage of oil pressure system. First of all, the size of the impeller is large, and there is no suitable equipment for three-dimensional measurement. Second, the impeller is too heavy to be placed on the detection platform for three-dimensional measurement. At present, the traditional three-dimensional detection method in China is to use the total station to carry out the three-dimensional measurement of key points. The shortcomings of this three-dimensional measurement method are obvious, such as slow speed and low accuracy

for the three-dimensional measurement of large impellers, the new popular technology in the world is three-dimensional photogrammetry, or photogrammetry. This technology is developed based on the basic principle of visual three-dimensional calculation, that is, if the same point is seen in two (or more) different positions in space, the spatial coordinates of the point can be calculated. By placing reference points and rulers on the object to be measured and taking photos with a high-resolution digital camera, the system software can automatically process the photos and calculate the three-dimensional coordinates of the reference points

after the painstaking research and development of our expert team, we took the lead in successfully developing the digimetric three-dimensional photogrammetry (photographic positioning) system in China. According to the specific requirements of the enterprise, the alignment and comparison function is developed in the software, which does not need to be compared in the subsequent software. Directly in our software, some bridge decks and even large-area damage can solve the alignment and comparison function, and greatly improve the speed of three-dimensional measurement and three-dimensional detection

three dimensional inspection process

· mark points, rulers and coding points shall be pasted on the key parts of the tested workpiece to ensure consistency between batches of product quality

take global photos with digimetric, and import the photos into digimetric 3D photogrammetry (photographic positioning through the efforts of these two aspects) system software

get the three-dimensional coordinates of the mark points of the detection position

import the CAD model of the impeller into the software for comparison

comparison results with the CAD model

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