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The author learned from the Fujian Provincial Department of transportation on the 6th that in 2018, the Fujian provincial transportation plan completed 85 billion yuan, realizing 113 kilometers of new high-speed roads, 285 kilometers of national and provincial trunk lines, and 2885 kilometers of rural roads; The coastal ports have added three berths above 10000 tons, and the cargo handling capacity has increased by 4.63 million tons

Huang Xiangtan, director of the Provincial Department of transportation, said that in 2017, the transportation investment in Fujian exceeded 90billion yuan for the first time, reaching 91.7 billion yuan, a record high. In the next five years, Fujian will focus on the key points, make up for weaknesses and strengths, fight a tough battle to prevent and resolve major risks, accurately eradicate poverty and prevent pollution, comprehensively promote the equalization of basic public services in transportation, comprehensively promote the integrated development of transportation, industry and cities, and basically build a safe, convenient, cost-effective, green and intelligent modern comprehensive transportation system that is interconnected within and outside the region. As the first year of comprehensively implementing the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, in 2018, Fujian transportation needs an experimental machine with accuracy of 0.5 level for scientific research and material analysis; There is a certain gap in technology between the 0.5 and 1-level precision experimental machines. We will speed up the implementation of the "five projects" of comprehensive transportation (trunk line improvement project, port and waterway intensive improvement project, transportation hub demonstration project, transportation poverty alleviation project, transportation service quality improvement project), vigorously promote the construction of "four good rural roads", accelerate the modernization of transportation, build people's satisfaction with transportation, and be the first to win a well-off society in an all-round way

in order to speed up the completion of the shortcomings of transportation infrastructure, Fujian Province will continue to implement the three key projects of road upgrading "126", port and waterway construction "155" and transportation station "323", and continue to expand effective investment. Among them, the expressway plans to invest 29billion, continue to build 967 kilometers of 28 projects, complete 225 kilometers of three projects such as the Zhangzhou Tianbao Longyan Jiaoyang reconstruction and expansion project, and newly started 192 kilometers of four projects such as the Nanjing section of the Yongding Nanjing Expressway of the Wu line, Galen said; An investment of 41billion yuan is planned for ordinary roads, focusing on accelerating the construction of national and provincial road weights and hardness tester back cover rubbing against the broken end road. See Table 3 for various performance indicators and the upgrading construction of road sections that do not meet the secondary standard, promoting the connection of important routes between cities, counties and counties, such as the junction section between Ningde Jiaocheng and Fuzhou Luoyuan of national highway 228, and the construction of broken end road, 2885 kilometers of rural roads are constructed and reconstructed, of which 1500 kilometers are completed, 1500 kilometers of life safety protection projects and 150 dangerous bridges were implemented; The port and waterway project plans to invest 10billion yuan to accelerate the overall continuous development of key core port areas and the construction of supporting large-scale deep-water channels, and accelerate the development of Minjiang River shipping; The transportation station accelerates the construction of a number of integrated passenger transport hub station projects with convenient transfer, such as Sanming south bus station, and actively promotes the construction of a number of integrated freight hub station projects with public service attributes and seamless transportation organization, such as Zhangzhou Zhaoyin cold chain logistics park

Fujian will also accelerate the construction of the "four good rural roads" and fight the battle of poverty alleviation through transportation. We will continue to implement the rural road construction and reconstruction project package, comprehensively implement the road director system, and strictly supervise and evaluate. By the end of January, leading groups will be established at the provincial and municipal levels, and road director offices will be established at the county and township levels to complete the construction of the three-level road director organization system at the county, township and village levels. By the end of March, all the special managers of township and village roads in the province will be in place to establish a clear, coordinated and orderly road director management system with strict supervision and strong rewards and punishments. Implement the "joint construction agreement on transportation poverty alleviation" between the Ministry and the province, comprehensively promote the eight key tasks of national and provincial trunk lines, township (town) roads, resource roads, tourism roads, industrial roads, village roads, rural road security and dangerous bridge reconstruction, island transportation targeted poverty alleviation, land Island transportation terminals, and the construction of Township Comprehensive Transportation Service stations, and further improve the traffic conditions in poor areas, It will provide strong transportation guarantee for the 53 key supporting counties and the whole province to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way at the same time. In view of the difficulties in transportation and sales of agricultural products, logistics enterprises are encouraged to actively connect the production end and sales end, give play to the advantages of cold chain transportation, optimize the supply chain of agricultural products, make agricultural products "affordable", and strive to solve the problems of "the first kilometer" and "the last kilometer" of rural logistics

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