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The 2018 industrial intelligent chemical plant construction and mechanical and electronic industry supporting docking meeting was held in Chengdu

on October 12, the extension of the standard tensile specimen was displayed by the extensometer or strain gauge of the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, and under the guidance of the Chengdu Economic and Information Technology Commission, Chengdu Electronic Information Industry Association Sponsored by Chengdu Machinery Industry Association "2 according to the technical requirements specified in the national standard for spring tension and compression testing machine, the digital display spring testing machine, a professional testing machine manufacturer of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., detects and analyzes the physical properties of tension, pressure, displacement and stiffness of precision springs such as tension springs, compression springs, disc springs, tower springs, leaf springs, snap springs, leaf springs, composite springs, gas springs, mold springs and anisotropic springs. The construction of industrial intelligent chemical plant and machinery in 2018 The "matching meeting of electronic industry" was held in the new exhibition center. Relevant principals of the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission and the Chengdu Economic and Information Technology Commission attended the meeting, with more than 130 participants from colleges and universities and relevant industrial enterprises. The meeting is now 8 Experiment span: 450mm (can be widened), pushningjiang and welding research Kesheng signed cooperation agreements with Yingchuang Li and lancai electronics respectively, and the machinery industry association signed the "industry cloud platform strategic framework cooperation agreement" with Chengdu big data Industrial Technology Research Institute

at the meeting, Pu Zhengjiang, a second-class inspector of the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, interpreted the main contents of the "two decisions", and made a key introduction to the "5+1" modern industrial system, vigorously calling for the development of intelligent manufacturing and digital economy. The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Economic and Information Technology Commission said that Chengdu will further strengthen the coordinated development with surrounding cities and the construction of urbanization, alliance development and sharing platform

in addition, at the meeting, Professor huxiaobing of the school of machinery of Sichuan University shared the "industry 4.0 and the development trend of intelligent chemical plant construction". Sichuan Changhong, China Plastics Processing Industry Association and Moldex3D made keynote speeches around intelligent manufacturing respectively. Pushningjiang, Foxconn, wsyan Kesheng, Innolux electronics, blue color electronics and other industrial enterprises respectively exchanged and shared with the participants about the difficulties and solutions in machinery, electronics, welding and other related fields. The organizer also organized representatives to visit and exchange experience at the 2018 Lijia International Machinery Exhibition

it is understood that the purpose of this meeting is to further promote the construction and development of industrial intelligent chemical plants in our province, improve the overall manufacturing capacity of the machinery and electronic information industry, improve product quality, innovate cooperation modes and industrial formats, gradually improve the local matching rate of machinery and electronic information enterprises, promote the innovation and coordinated development of the industrial chain, and promote the coordinated development of Chengdu and its surrounding regions, Improve the overall competitive strength of the machinery and electronic information industry in our province

the Department of major equipment and machinery, the Department of electronic information, and the Department of quality standards and market development of the provincial Commission of economy and information technology sent personnel to the meeting

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