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2018 "make a difference in China" Sany Heavy Industry Station launched 153 incubated enterprises of Sany maker group in 2018

Sany Heavy Industry Station launched 153 incubated enterprises of Sany maker group in 2018

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recently, the 2018 "make a difference in China" Sany Heavy Industry Station activity was held, and domestic entrepreneurial elites gathered in Changsha to meet the needs of Sany. Sany mass entrepreneurship incubator currently has 153 incubated enterprises

this activity carried out a series of activities, such as Sany innovation and open day, 2018 "create China" Sany Heavy Industry Station launching ceremony, Sanxiang foreign exchange investment and financing roadshow, Sany industry docking meeting, mass entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship lecture hall, mass entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship private board meeting, etc., to gather the development achievements of Sany mass entrepreneurship and innovation, provide display and exchange opportunities for entrepreneurial projects, and facilitate Sany to connect advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, Promote the financing development of large, medium and small enterprises

during the sanxianghui roadshow, projects such as think control intelligence and Kuta technology won the favor of many investors. At the Sany industrial chain docking sub venue, the heads of start-ups and relevant technical heads of Sany also had a zero distance exchange

this time, different collets are adopted for different samples, which is the first time that the "create a sound in China" activity has entered Sany Heavy Industry. As a leading enterprise with equipment manufacturing as its core business, Sany has accelerated the pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading in recent years. Relying on its own advantages in manufacturing and R & D, in order to give full play to its brand influence, Sany maker officially launched operations in early 2016. At present, there are 35000 square meters of incubation area and 10000 square meters of plant area, and more than 230 start-ups and teams have been introduced in total. At present, 153 enterprises that are hatching rookies have also launched some incentive policies. In 2017, Sany Heavy Industry, as the only enterprise in the construction machinery industry, was rated as the innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base of the State Council

"making China famous" is an innovation activity organized by the general office of the national development and Reform Commission and the office of the China Science and Technology Association. Focusing on promoting the implementation of the innovation driven development strategy and promoting high-quality development, it carries out a series of activities in the national mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base, aiming to publicize innovation and development policies, exchange Innovation and development experience, improve innovation and development ecology, and tell the story of China's innovation, Create a good social atmosphere for high-quality development led by innovation

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