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2018 industrial safety conference was held grandly to promote the intelligent transformation of the industry

Beijing, May 21, 2018 - with the proposal of industry 4.0, made in China 2025 and industrial interconnection, industrial control systems are gradually transforming from closed and isolated systems to open and interconnected systems. IOT, cloud computing, edge computing, big data, blockchain, 5g, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and other new technologies continue to permeate industrial production activities, and industrial safety issues have become increasingly prominent. They have become an important part of overall national security in the fields of industrial operation, national economy, social development and so on

2018 industrial safety conference site

2018 industrial safety conference site on May 16, 2018, hosted by the industrial control system information and safety industry alliance, supported by the China Institute of automation, the intelligent manufacturing Promotion Cooperative Innovation Alliance, the edge computing industry alliance, and the China instrumentation industry association, the 2018 Industrial Safety Conference (issc2018) hosted by the automation Expo was grandly held in Beijing Jingyi hotel

nearly 150 Representatives from user units, system integrators, manufacturers, design institutes, universities and scientific research institutions from electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgy, municipal administration, rail transit, food and beverage industries were invited to attend this high-profile industrial safety event to jointly exchange and discuss the current situation and development trend of the industrial safety industry in the current environment

Wu Hongxin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an academician of the Chinese society of automation, said in his speech that the industrial control system is an important part of the country's key infrastructure, and its safety is related to the country's strategic security. With the development and application of the new generation of information technology, the interconnection of industrial control systems has become easier, which not only brings great prospects to the development of industrial control systems, but also puts forward new tasks and challenges to the guarantee of industrial safety. Today, the connotation of industrial safety is becoming richer and richer, but in the final analysis, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of process equipment is the basic requirement. Finally, Academician Wu Hongxin expressed the hope that the success of the 2018 industrial safety conference would bring more discussion and thinking about industrial safety to the industry

Shao Baiqing, vice president of the industrial security industry alliance and chairman and general manager of Hollysys technology group, said in his speech that China's industrial information security work started late, the security guarantee ability of industrial interconnection is relatively weak, the independent research and development ability of industrial core equipment and systems is insufficient, the security technology and products are relatively scarce, and the industrial support effect is not obvious, which is difficult to meet the current practical needs of the development of industrial information security. Based on this, improving the information security capability of industrial control system and strengthening the security guarantee of industrial interconnection have become the top priorities of China's industrial information security work at present. It requires the joint efforts of countries, industries and enterprises at different levels, deepen the cooperation of industry partners, build an industrial information security ecosystem, and make efforts to improve the core technical capability of China's industrial security and provide customized security services for China's industrial users

in his speech, Mei Ke, deputy director of the Institute of integrated technology and economics of machinery industry instruments and meters and a professor level senior engineer, talked about his understanding that such phenomena in industrial safety showed that the deformation of the sample continued to stretch without continuous increase or slight decrease in the tensile force borne by it. He believed that industrial safety should include process safety, functional safety and information safety. If you want to comprehensively ensure industrial safety, you should consider process safety, functional safety and information security every more than 7 years. From the analysis of hazard sources, you should distinguish different security risks, take corresponding preventive measures and strategies, and hope that the it and ot fields can cooperate to jointly improve the overall level of industrial safety in China

fan Kefeng, deputy director of the information security research center of China Institute of electronic technology standardization and Secretary General of the industrial security industry alliance, brought the first report of the conference, "Research on guidelines for the construction of industrial information security standard system", in which he pointed out that industrial information security is the basis for ensuring the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization and the smooth development of intelligent manufacturing. He analyzed the current situation of the current industrial information security standard system, pointed out the key tasks in the construction process of this standard system, and pointed out that the construction of this system should be guaranteed from four aspects: strengthening overall planning and coordination, increasing financial support, accelerating the construction of talent teams, and deepening cooperation, exchange and promotion

Liu Quan, President of CCID blockchain Research Institute, introduced the five values of blockchain in the report "value and application prospects of blockchain", that is, its decentralized distributed structure can save a lot of intermediary cost consumption value, tamper proof timestamp can solve the problem of data tracking and information anti-counterfeiting value, well solve the problem of key data protection and authorized access value The flexible programmable features help to standardize the value of the existing market order and the value of the blockchain's security trust mechanism to solve the core defects of the current technology in the field of industrial interconnection. According to the characteristics of decentralized blockchain, trust without trust, collective maintenance, high transparency and reliable database, four application scenarios of blockchain in the industrial field are proposed: Industrial IOT, production intelligent management, industrial big data management and distributed intelligent production

Lin Rong, deputy chief engineer of Sinopec Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. and professor level senior engineer, made a report entitled "safety strategy of industrial control system under the safety framework of the University of petroleum and chemical industry", which includes leakage monitoring and repair, environmental monitoring, intelligent HSE mobile operation, intelligent HSE pollution source emission and occupational hazard monitoring, three-dimensional HSE risk management and control, three-dimensional accident simulation management, risk registration and evaluation of key devices This paper introduces the safety concept and system framework of petrochemical industry from 12 aspects: early warning of mobile radioactive source flaw detection operation, HSE construction operation and contractor management, coordinated integration of emergency command, equipment health and reliability management, and diagnosis of key equipment based on big data. By analyzing the safety status and threat of industrial control system, and comparing relevant international and domestic standards, this paper discusses the industrial control system network and information security strategy, He shared the engineering cases of industrial control system network and information security. He believed that industrial control system network security has become an important link under the security framework of the petrochemical industry. In the future, industrial control system network will develop from closed system to open system and then to virtual system. Finally, he stressed that China urgently needs to cultivate compound talents who understand both industrial control system and network safety technology

Wang Zhen, deputy director of industrial security product line of 360 enterprise security group, brought the report from production and operation to safe operation -- big data driven industrial security protection system. He pointed out that the security situation in cyberspace in the new era is undergoing profound changes, and the core technology has evolved from relying on signature to find a single attack to using big data technology and Threat Intelligence to trace and study the source of the attack organization, This paper introduces the methodology of 360 industrial safety operation, that is, to establish an industrial safety protection system centered on safety operation, driven by threat intelligence, and based on Collaborative linkage

Wang Yingchun, vice president of Beijing Kangtuo Technology Co., Ltd. and deputy director of the national industrial computer and system engineering technology research center, shared the industrial Zhilian cloud platform developed by his team in the report "an industrial interconnection cloud platform and its application". This cloud platform integrates a variety of cutting-edge technologies such as industrial information security protection technology, data aggregation technology, cloud technology, intelligent computing, and realizes data security interconnection, intelligent processing Self organization/self maintenance and other functions form a complete solution for a safe smart industrial system. Then, he introduced the application of the platform in the construction of smart cities

Meng Yahui, the technical director of the industrial interconnection security business department of Qiming Xingchen Information Technology Group Co., Ltd., brought you the report "security best practices in the era of industrial interconnection", in which he introduced the three major solutions to security in the era of industrial interconnection, namely, the five layer network solution covering intelligent manufacturing, the unified system solution integrating protection and monitoring, and the security system solution based on Cloud Architecture. She combines the four-year industrial control safety exploration and practical experience of Qiming Xingchen to share its industrial interconnection/IOT safety practical application in power, petroleum and petrochemical, rail transit, tobacco, advanced manufacturing and other industries

Ke Haoren, deputy director of the two chemical security department of the Security Research Institute of the China Academy of information and communications, first introduced various technical measures taken by the China Academy of information and communications to implement national policies and guidelines in the direction of industrial interconnection security in the report entitled "construction of industrial interconnection security assurance capability", and then focused on the construction of assurance capability centered on five major platforms, including the industrial interconnection security monitoring and early warning platform and the attack and defense drill cloud platform. At the same time, I will share with you the specific construction ideas on how to carry out industrial interconnection safety related work and improve the safety protection ability of relevant enterprises

Zhang Haigang, head of the information security technology team of Haier Group, made a report entitled "industrial interconnection security monitoring and protection platform". The report introduced the security challenges faced in the current era of industrial interconnection, introduced the security protection practice of Haier cosmoplat and the security management platform of cosmoplat - Hai'an Dun, and focused on the technical system, future target system and security operation center of Hai'an dun

zhaoguoxin, director of Automation Department of Beijing Institute of petroleum and chemical technology, shared the information security protection case of industrial control system of Nantong Xingchen company of Bluestar Group in the report of "industrial control system information security demonstration project - chemical production control system security protection". In view of the current situation that the company has many kinds and brands, complex and diverse bus protocols and high requirements for real-time, he proposed the idea of hierarchical protection based on industrial control information security, with the safe, stable and reliable operation of chemical production devices as the core, and the comprehensive use of technical means such as boundary protection, access control, host security, etc., to effectively integrate security technologies at different levels, and build an information security technology protection system that meets the three-level guarantee, It provides a set of information security protection solutions for the production control system of chemical industry, and plays a corresponding exemplary role

the capacity of the electronic universal testing machine often used by Beijing Hollysys system is 100 ~ 135000lb. In the report entitled "development of industrial information security and construction of protection system", Liu Ying, the information security technology manager of the technology center of Engineering Co., Ltd., talked about the current intelligent transformation being carried out by industrial enterprises. He believed that the intelligent transformation requires building network barriers, This makes the interconnection of industrial control system become the development trend of industrial control system in the future, and the information security of industrial control system has also become an indispensable and important link in the design of industrial control system in the future. Based on the opportunities and challenges faced by industrial information security, he introduced the three major goals of building an industrial information security system, namely, to achieve lane changing overtaking of products and technologies, to establish security solutions that meet the actual needs of the domestic market, and to achieve a leading level of industrial information security technology. Finally, he proposed the innovation of industrial security protection system and the breakthrough of industrial information security technology, and gave a solution to the improvement of information security protection system

during the meeting, the first five councils of the 2018 industrial control system information security industry alliance were held. Fan Kefeng, Secretary General of the alliance, gave full consideration to the work of the alliance in 2017

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